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Frequently asked Appliance Repair Questions

How does your no service charge policy with repair work?

How long is your warranty?

How do you charge?

Should I replace or repair my appliance?

Can you tell me what's wrong my appliance and what it costs to fix over the phone?

Why do some appliances cost more to fix than others?

How does your no service charge with repair policy work? When you setup an appointment with us to have a tech out, there is initially a service charge. For that low flat rate what will happen is the tech will come to your house, diagnose the problem and figure out a remedy to the problem. He will then quote you exactly what the cost of the repair will be (parts & labor). The price quoted is dictated from a Nation Appliance Major Price Guide Book of dubbed "blue book" for appliance repairs. This book is distributed and approved by all the manufacture's to keep the pricing uniform across the country and whether the tech takes 20 minutes or 2 hours to complete the job the costs remains the same. If at that point you decide to have the appliance repaired the service charge is then waived and all that is owed is the quoted price for the repair. We then warranty our work for 2 years parts and labor. If instead of having it repaired you decide to think about it or purchase new then all that is owed is the service charge, if within 30 days you elect to have the appliance repaired we then deduct the service charge off the originally quoted price so the price remains the same.

How long is your warranty? We warranty our parts and labor for two years from the date or the original repair .Within 2 years from the date of a completed repair, ASTRE APPLIANCE SERVICE will provide the necessary adjustments, corrections or parts replacement (for repairs previously performed on this invoice only) at no charge, unless noted differently on the face of the invoice. WIthin the first 30 days from the date of completed repair, no service or trip charge will be charged. After 30 days, the normal trip charge applies.

How do you charge? hourly rates? We charge with flat rate pricing per job. Since we have multiple tech's out on the route it's not fair to charge hourly rates considering some tech's can do in 20 minutes what others need 2 hours. With flat rate pricing the job costs is the same to all our customer regardless of the tech's speed or the parts cost. Our pricing is dictated out of a Nationally distributed book approved by all the manufacture's. This way all our prices are fair across the board.

Should I Repair or Replace my appliance? Anything can be repaired, but is that fiscally responsible to do so? We understand that some point we all need to cut our loses and possibly buy a new appliance. Average life spans of appliances range from 10-30 years depending on the make and model. Our tech will give you their expert opinion as to whether it's worth fixing or replacing

Can you tell me what's wrong with my appliance and what it costs to fix over the phone?No, simply put it's IMPOSSIBLE to diagnose any issues over the phone. Any type of phone diagnosis would only be speculation, because simple issues such as a broken wire can portray themselves as much large problems such as bad control boards or motors.

Why do some appliance cost more to fix than others? Sort of the same way a Porsche costs more to fix than a Ford. Some appliance especially the higher end models require a greater deal of knowledge and skill to repair. Now a days the amount of electronics knowledge that goes into appliances is just as important as the amount of mechanical knowledge that is required.

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