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NO SERVICE CHARGE with repair, and 2 year Warranty Parts & Labor

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No Service Charge when you have your appliance Repaired by us

When booking with us you can expect a fully licensed and qualified tech to come to your house and give a written diagnosis, and explain exactly what is wrong with your appliance, and exactly what it costs to fix. Our tech can also give you tips to keep your appliance running like new.

If you have your appliance repaired by us then the service charge is waived (FREE SERVICE CHARGE WITH REPAIR).If you decide not to have your appliance repaired then all that is owed is our low flat rate service charge, and if within 30 days you do decide to have your appliance repaired that is deducted off the originally quoted price.

We do not charge hourly as some tech’s work faster and slower than others so in an effort to keep pricing fair and uniform we charge flat rate per job fee’s. When you have your appliance repaired by us, we also include our FULL 2 YEAR WARRANTY parts and labor*. There are no surprises as we do not do any work until you give us the approval on the quoted costs.

All our prices are dictated from an Major Appliance Service Nation Price Guide book (MASP) nick names the “blue book”** of appliance repair costs. This book is approved by the manufacture with price rates for all appliance repairs. This way you get the best price for your appliance repair.

2 Year Warranty Parts & labor

Astre Appliance Service Guarantee:

Parts & Labor Protection: Within 2 years from the date of a completed repair, ASTRE APPLIANCE SERVICE will provide the necessary adjustments, corrections or parts replacement (for repairs previously performed on this invoice only) at no charge, unless noted differently on the face of the invoice. WIthin the first 30 days from the date of completed repair, no service or trip charge will be charged. After 30 days, the normal trip charge applies.

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