Cooktops are an integral part of one’s kitchen. Whether you’re cooking with a gas cooktop or an electric cooktop, they are all equally prone to breaking down. When it comes to gas appliances, in most cases,you can void your homeowners insurance by attempting to repair them yourself. Also,there is a lot more to your gas cooktops than what meets the eye, especially in case of the high end models. Leave the task to our qualified technicians who will fix it right the first time.

Astre Appliance Services has over 35 years of cooktop repair experience in NJ. We are factory-trained to repair all makes and models of cooktops, old or new. Our entire fleet is stocked with the most frequently needed original cooktop repair parts, so that your cooktop is repaired as quickly and efficiently as possible. We get all our parts directly from the manufacturer.

Are you in urgent need of cooktop repair? Don’t wait! Call our 24-hour answering service!